Dr. Kailash C. Pandey

Group leader



Current lab members

Kapil Vashisht, Ph.D.




As a young scientist in the lab, my research focuses on diverse ideas. These range from altering the RNA capping potential of Dengue NS-5 protein, screening of potential antimalarial molecules from natural origin and development of novel diagnostic tools in malaria and dengue. For the recent COVID-19 pandemic- our research team is working to understand the host genetic factors in developing severe complications and differential antibody repertoire against SARS-CoV-2 proteins.

Hari Shankar, Ph.D.

Technical Offcier



 My area of research is the Epidemiology of Asymptomatic Malaria & low-density Plasmodium infections, and the association between iron deficiency and malaria.  The major focus of my research interest is to study the host’s iron regulation in response to malaria infection. Identifying the parasite’s source of iron (necessary for its replication); if can be curtailed, would limit the replication of parasite.

My doctoral research work is to characterize the unusual cysteine-dependent proteases- Non-metazoan “metacaspases” (MCAs), sharing the conserved His-Cys catalytic dyad of caspases, which are potential drug targets due to their absence in humans. Our research work demonstrated that metacaspase-2 ( MCA-2) of P. falciparum possess unique substrate-specificity unlike caspases and established its role in the maintenance and regulation of the cellular homeostasis in malarial parasite. Currently, I am screening potential inhibitor against MCA-2, which should inhibit parasite growth at blood and mosquito stages.

Vandana Kumari, Ph.D.




My doctoral research work involved at the level of protein-protein interactions between the malarial cysteine proteases- falcipains and their macromolecular substrate, hemoglobin (Hb). Additionally, I am also working to identify the interactions between falcipains and their endogenous macromolecular inhibitor, falstatin. I also work on targeting the recently characterized aspartic protease plasmepsin IX through novel compounds developed in-house.

Rahul Pasupureddy

ICMR-SRF (Thesis submitted)



As a computational biologist, my doctoral research work is related to in-silico rational design of the protein-specificity and binding affinity to incorporate novel receptor binding characteristics. I am also involved in the structural analysis of proteins, protein-protein/ligand docking and molecular dynamic simulations to understand their intricate interaction networks.

Sonia Verma



After my post-graduation, I joined Protein Biochemistry & Engineering lab, always wonder how small natural molecules act on parasite and control their growth. I am excited to be a part of the ‘fine artwork’ in protein biochemistry to explore the challenging world of macromolecules.

Cherish Parashar



I am very enthusiastic to know how protein network communicates in drug resistance parasite. I am aiming to gain a new perspective on the identification of novel interacting protein partners which playing a major role in artemisinin drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Preeti Chaudhary



An enthusiastic and fast learner with a broad interest in the discovery of new anti-malarial compounds from natural as well as synthetic sources. I am also interested in finding new targets which play a crucial role in the development of parasites. 

Manish Kumar



After my PG degree, I did a specialization in Parasitology, which ignites my passion for this wonderful field of research. Being a quick learner with an optimistic attitude, I am highly interested in characterizing the crucial proteins of the parasite, which should be essential for their life cycle. I am also interested in exploring new tools to block/obstruct gametocyte transmission.






With a background of biochemistry and biotechnology, I always had a keen interest in the protein biochemistry of parasite. I am also interested in exploring the biological tool against malaria. Exploring my research in biopesticides against the fight of insecticide resistance mosquito.

Jatin Kumar



I am a newcomer and has recently joined this research team. I did my graduation and post-graduation in the field of biotechnology. Being a passionate biologist, my core interest lies in studying biochemical pathways of the parasite and to gain a comprehensive knowledge of their interactions.

Bharti Goyal



Past members

Atul Yadav

Thesis submitted (Kumaun University),

PDF at Vector Biology group at ICMR-NIMR


Bhumika Kumar, Ph.D.

Molecular specialist, POCT Services Pvt. Ltd, AIIMS, Rishikesh 


Akansha Pant, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, USA


Srinivasan Sundaraj, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Australia National University, Australia


Deepak Jayara, SRF

Shiv Nadar University, India


Dissertation students

Vipin Sapla

Pallavi Singh

Uttpal Anand

Shivangi Tyagi

Pratiksha Kumari


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protein BIOchemistry & engineering Lab 

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